Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Releases from Losi

Losi have just announced the release of 2 brand new 4wd 1/24 scale vehicles!

Now the thrill of rally racing can be brought indoors or to smaller areas thanks to these 1/24 scale vehicles. Both the Rally Car and Short Course Truck will be available in four different colors and offers more flexibility than other micro models with its abiltiy to perform well on multiple surfaces.

New Release from Parkzone

Parkzone will launch a brand new Ultra-Micro plane today....The Ultra-Micro T-28 Trojan! This new model comes in RTF and BNF.

The ParkZone Ultra Micro Series T-28 comes out of the box with the original scale navy trim scheme, 4- Channel control, steerable nose wheel, and removable landing gear. Both the RTF and BNF come complete with Spektrum AR6400 DSM2 receiver so you can fly without the fear of interference and you can be flying in as little time as it takes to charger your included 120 mAh Li-po battery in its DC charger.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Arrivals!

Modelflight are expecting the imminent arrival of the Parkzone F4F Wildcat, Blade 120 SR heli's, E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site, Parkzone Ultra-Micro P-51 planes and the JR 11X are arriving early THIS WEEK!!

Pre-order now to reserve your stock!!

Losi 1/10 Ten-T Guides

check out these great How-to Guides for the Losi Ten-T Truggy!

The 1/10-scale TEN-T Truggy RTR packs all the innovation and performance of Losi’s groundbreaking 1/8-scale nitro platform into a 1/10-scale truggy. Built to take on any terrain or track, this fierce machine includes a ton of features in a compact, agile design, including a chassis with the engineering characteristics of the 8IGHT-T. And to give you intense acceleration and top speed, power from the Losi 3.4 performance small-block engine is routed through a 2-shoe clutch and a bulletproof 4-wheel drive system.

The TEN-T is equipped with a Losi first—the revolutionary Remote Onboard Starting System (R.O.S.S.). With the push of a button on the included Spektrum DX3S transmitter, you can instantaneously heat the glow plug and engage the electric starter. Getting to the action has never been so easy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Release Information

Parkzone Stinson Reliant SR-10 (PNP or BNF) Released today!

The Stinson Reliant is as much a work of art as a work of engineering. It comes out of the box loaded with scale details like an authentic paint scheme and markings, simulated ribbing in the wings, a simulated radial engine, accurately modeled landing gear and much more. A robust Parkzone 480 brushless motor power system provides plenty of power for everything from half throttle cruising to full throttle sport aerobatics. And it will do it all with the same smooth sport flying manners you've come to expect from a Parkzone plane.

Key Features:
  • Optional Flaps installation via single servo
  • 80 Brushless Motor-Lots of power and performance
  • 5-channel control-Control and flight performance the modeler wants
  • Classic looks and performance-Vintage appeal with modern day flight performance
  • Z-foam construction-Very durable, lightweight and repairable
  • Fixed tail dragger landing gear-Allows for scale takeoffs and landings
We are lucky enough to already have our hands on a sample model of this exciting plane...check out the pics below and keep your eyes peeled for a video of one of the modelflight team testing it out!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ETSA Park on a Cold July Night

The afore-mentioned unpredictable crowd of my Indoor friends at the ETSA Park Netball Stadium came out in quite pleasing numbers for our indoor flying. One of the highlights was the introduction of a prototype for a new Blade helicopter that will hit our shores in early August. More on that model will appear at a later date.

My first picture is of a very proud father in that of one of our ex-flyers, Daly May. Lots of exes for Daly. An ex staff member of ModelFlight – an ex very keen and talented model flyer and builder and an ex regular indoor participant. As the photo shows, he has changed from a model builder to a baby builder, and what a darling little bud of May she is too. Daly makes occasional visits to the stadium and it was pleasing to see he and his wife on this coldish night.

Andy Hollitt can always be relied upon for something new and exciting emanating from his workshop and tonight was no exception. He showed the Phoenix his latest foamie and called it a Pylon Racer?? This was later demonstrated when he lined up two foam pylons down one end (Court 2) and proceeded to entertain he and others with his foam pylon racing. Well done Andy – I wonder if your Melbourne mates do that?

Brenton Wildman is seen in the next picture with his lovely, and talented, (rarely do the two go together – ouch!) daughter, Alanah. Now there may even be another ‘a’ in her name – if so I apologise. Alanah entertained herself by not being more than a metre away from dad throughout the night, which was all lovey-dovey until one later realized that she was totally involved in her dad’s flying. Before the night was over, Alanah was solo-ing a Cub with enormous bundles of dexterity. Her progress excited and interested me so much that I could not resist another picture, on her own, in a happy pose.

During the evening we had 17 paying customers which means that the SSL (Southern Soaring League) would benefit, yet again, from the surplus after rent paying. A handy little income for the club that, it is only on rare occasions any of their members partake in the indoor movement.

Even though the aerobatic heli group are no longer permitted to fly at indoor, we are welcoming a few older members back, who say they are all in favour of that move and that they can concentrate on their models much more intensely. I hope that it means the return of any others who were of a similar mind. There is a wonderful air of contentment and comradeship among the indoor movement and, even occasionally the mid-air does occur, there is never any bitterness or arguments present. A wonderful group of people with whom it is a total pleasure to fly, or even to fraternize.

Our leader, and benefactor, Michael O’Reilly’s absence was noted by many on the night and all, who were aware of Mike’s second knee reconstruction operation, joined me in wishing him a full and rapid recovery. Mike is always a willing helper to any who may require assistance or advice and his return will be welcomed by all. The latest report on his progress is that he is, on occasions, already dragging the heavily bandaged leg up the stairs to his office at OMP and will very shortly be in attendance for visitors. Good luck Michael. The 19th August is our next appointment when we will once again welcome, not only competitors, who spend ten dollars on the nights entertainment or, if you just wish to come and watch, IT IS FREE. Don’t forget, watch the model shop shelves for the arrival of the Blade 120SR – a most exciting addition to your model heli fleet.

The Phoenix.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Blade fronts a welcome at ETSA Park

Your friendly Phoenix was one of many who welcomed a prototype of a new and exciting Helicopter at ETSA PARK last month. Some of the Model Flight Staffers joined Chief New-model Test Pilot, Matthew Waye in demonstrating this exciting machine, of which, so far is the only one of its kind in Adelaide.

With a scheduled arrival (on the counter) of the Blade 120SR, of early August it could well be a larger success story than the well known Venom Night Ranger which, as you recall, monopolised the indoor flying scene for quite some time. It is a single rotor, fixed pitch, 100% factory assembled helicopter that, once you arrive at your flying site, will quickly have you in the air.

One of Modelflight’s highly technical staff members, Brenton Wildman arrived with “The Box” and quickly snuck in a first flight before Todd pressured him to ‘hand it over.”

The first picture shows the pleasure on Todd’s face as he displayed the “120.” It is a delightful looking model, much larger and more powerful than its little brother, the Blade mSR. The battery pack is a little over twice the size of the MSR pack and, at 500mAH, almost three times the capacity.

One can appreciate its most attractive lines as Todd hovers it just above the highly polished floor of the ETSA Park Netball Stadium, the venue for its debut flight.

The head, shown here, is the “Smarty Pants” of this helicopter that produces such a docile, easy-to-fly performance and one, that I am sure, is going to make it a top seller. It is a totally complete, ready-to-fly model, presenting itself with a very neat charger than can be operated from batteries or, in the instant shown, from the AC Mains Power. Follow the Phoenix Indoor stories that will keep you up to date on the expected popularity of this magnificent machine which will appear on the Goodwood Road shelves in two configurations – coming in either the very popular “Bind-n-Fly” kit, or complete with transmitter etc. making it literally flyable straight from the box. Just charge and fly.

At less than $260.00, I could give you 260 reasons why you should.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Indoor Flying with Modelflight

Indoor flying is on on Thursday 15th July at ETSA Park in Adelaide, from 2030-2230!

All pilots are welcome with any model plane or helicopter up to 450 size, only $10 to fly and spectators get in free!

Come along and you may get a sneak peak of the brand new Blade 120 SR heli in action! (not available until early August!)