Thursday, February 17, 2011

How-To Replace the HobbyZone Champ's Wing

So you have been enjoying the great flying qualities of the HobbyZone Champ and as things sometimes happen, a few objects have come into contact with the model while in flight. Now this is not your fault, I promise you that. Chairs move, tress run into your path, lawn furniture flies around the yard causing obstacles that you must fly around on a moment's notice.

As time goes on you may find the wing on your Champ is just not in the greatest condition it was when you first pulled it out of the box. It may have a few creases or even a small tape repair on it which is probably causing some flight performance to drop. Well we have the fix right here and we show you how. With some double-sided scotch tape, a hobby knife and a new wing you will be back in the air in no time with a fresh new look and feel to your Champ.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blade mCP X Preview

The micro heli revolution began at Horizon about 3 years ago. The mCX was the first micro fully controllable 4-channel coaxial heli. This was followed by the mSR, the first micro fully controllable single rotor heli. So with those our appetite became wetted for the real deal. Micro size, mega performance!

Well here it is! The new Blade mCP X. A fully capable 3D machine out of the box for the extreme heli lover. In both BNF and RTF versions it has everyone covered. When you see this heli in action you will be blown away from the crisp and precise control. The agility and nimbleness are two other aspects that really come to life when you fire this heli up. We talk with James Haley about the latest and greatest out of the blade team. Stop in and take a look!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SA Helifest

Modelflight will be sponsoring the S.A. Helifest 2011, held from Friday 25th-Sunday 27th February at Strathalbyn Model Aircraft Club!!  They are also holding a Autoration and Drag Racing comp just for a bit of variety!! Should be interesting!

Matt will be attending from Modelflight and there will be lots of flying, and lots of night flying - which anyone is welcome! So hope to see you there!

DSMX Preview

Spektrum continue to push the boundry's of RC technology with the latest add-on for all DSM2 2.4 users. As we have continued to use 2.4 technology for the past 4 years, we have found out things we never though possible. Only a few years ago we found ourselves at large events with 6 or 7 flight lines and checking transmitters out of an impound. Today impounds are gone. Some flight lines now see more than 35 pilots flying at one time, and with more and more 2.4 radios turned on in the pits with modelers working out any bugs they have with their models.

The new mega events like IRCHA, Joe Nall and SEFF have brought a new frequency-agile protocol to life for any Spektrum or JR 2.4 users. This new protocol named DSMX delivers an even stronger signal to our end user. An add-on for the more traveling modeler, we discuss with Chris Huhn exactly what this is all about. This new protocol is something that is built for a select few who travel outbound to these larger events and may not be necessary for our regular users of Spektrum and JR 2.4 radio systems. So stop in and see what you think. Whether you continue to use the DSM2 or the newer DSMX technology, you will want to know what is available for now and the future.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing Spektrum DSMX: True Evolution

Spektrum DSMX Launch

Announcing the Latest Innovation from Spektrum 
Spektrum launched the 2.4GHz RC revolution and remains the leader of it for one simple reason – RC is our sole focus. It’s why Spektrum has made more innovations in RC in the last 5 years than anyone else.

DSMX is just such an innovation. It is a new, frequency-agile evolution of Spektrum™ 2.4GHz technology that matches the consistently superior speed and data capacity of DSM2 with the most advanced frequency shifting algorithm to date. The result is the fastest, most precise response in heavily congested 2.4GHz environments you will find anywhere.

A Solid Foundation: Wideband DSSS
DSMX is built on the same foundation as DSM2—the superior on-channel interference resistance and coding gain of wideband 2.4GHz DSSS technology. Compared to the wideband signal of a DSM2™ or DSMX™ system, the narrow-band signal of other 2.4 transmitters is more likely to suffer crucial data loss in the event of on-channel interference. Think of wideband 2.4 as a river and narrow-band 2.4 as a stream. It takes much more interference to stop a river than it does to stop a stream.

The big reason wideband is so robust is coding gain. Essentially what this means is that the unique coding in a DSM2 or DSMX wideband signal allows it to be heard well above the noise of surrounding 2.4GHz signals without requiring any more power. In fact, a Spektrum wideband signal can achieve as much as 3X the range of its narrow-band competition using the same amount of power.

The ‘X’-tra Benefit of Agility
What DSMX adds to the tried and true wideband technology of DSM2 is the extra interference protection and faster reconnection times of frequency agility. But DSMX is anything but a common frequency hopping system.

Agile: quick and well-coordinated in movement

DSMX frequency shifts are coordinated using the most advanced spread spectrum algorithm ever seen in an RC application. Unlike other FHSS transmitters that all hop in the same fixed patterns, every DSMX transmitter has its own unique frequency shift pattern calculated using its GUID (Globally Unique Indentifier). And each pattern uses just 23 channels in the 2.4GHz spectrum.

By adding the agility of unique frequency shifts to the superior interference-resistance of a wideband signal, and limiting those shifts to a smaller portion of the 2.4 band, DSMX transmitters provide quicker reconnection times and superb response in the noisiest 2.4GHz environments.

3D Spread Spectrum
In addition to its wideband DSSS foundation and smarter frequency agile protocol, DSMX users will enjoy a third dimension of signal protection that DSM2 users have always enjoyed. Only Spektrum full-range receivers offer the patented advantage of MultiLink™ dual-path redundancy. When combined with the superior wideband power and frequency agility of DSMX, MultiLink gives RC pilots the fastest, most reliable 2.4 RC technology available in any signal environment.

Just How Good is DSMX?
In multiple tests, 100 DSMX systems were operated simultaneously for extended periods of time. During these tests not a single case of RF link loss, latency increase or control degradation was experienced or recorded.

See the 100 transmitter test for yourself. Go to and watch the DSMX video.

Is DSM2 and DSMX equipment compatible?
Yes! DSM2 transmitters are forward compatible with DSMX receivers and DSMX transmitters are backward compatible with DSM2 receivers. And because DSM2 and DSMX share the same wideband DSSS foundation, all Spektrum users will enjoy superior range, speed and precision whether they’re using DSM2 equipment, DSMX equipment or a combination of both.

It is important to note, however, that the only way to experience the full benefits of DSMX (wideband DSSS plus frequency agility) is by pairing a DSMX transmitter with a DSMX receiver.

Are DSM2 Transmitters eligible for a DSMX add-on?
Yes, but the difference a DSMX system makes is really only apparent when hundreds of 2.4GHz systems are in use at once. DSM2 users who rarely, if ever, fly in big events or other exceptionally “noisy” 2.4GHz environments will find the DSM2 equipment they have now is all they will ever need. In typical RC environments like the local flying club or the neighborhood park, DSM2 is still consistently faster, more robust and more precise than any other narrow-band 2.4GHz solution.

DX8 owners who wish to get the DSMX add-on can simply download Spektrum AirWare™ v2.0 from and update the firmware using their SD card. All other DSM2 transmitters are eligible for the DSMX add-on for a fee of $75. Please visit for details. DSM2 receivers and transmitter modules are not eligible for the DSMX add-on.

DSM2 transmitter owners interested in making the move up to DSMX should visit for complete details on requesting the add-on.

Does DSMX have ModelMatch™ and ServoSync™?
Yes. DSMX will provide users with these and the many other exclusive Spektrum advantages they already enjoy with DSM2.

Want to know more about DSMX? Visit and watch the DSMX video. It features an in-depth look at this new technology as well as interviews with the people behind its development.

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Nuremberg International Toy Fair & Trade Show

Mike O'Reilly is currently in Nuremberg getting the big "scoop" on new releases launched at the Toy Fair/Trade Show! The International Toy Fair is the world’s leading fair for toys, hobby and leisure-time articles. The fair, which is open exclusively to the specialist trade, is the perfect communication and order platform for both national and international manufacturers as well as specialist traders and buyers from around the globe!

Here is a quick run down on some of the Hottest New Products out of Nuremberg! Thanks Mike!

The Blade mCP X RTF/BNF is the lightest flybarless collective pitch helicopter in its class. It is half the weight of the nearest competition which results in advanced performance, indoors and outdoors.
This helicopter will give transitioning pilots a more agile and capable collective pitch heli that will give them the confidence to master indoor aerobatics without the hesitance which comes with a larger outdoor only platform. (BLH3500AU1/BLH3500AU2/BLH3580)

The Mosquito Mk VI BNF Micro is Parkzone's first ever Ultra Micro Series Twin Engine Warbird that you can fly just about anywhere! The first-ever 4-channel twin-engine ultra micro, the ParkZone Ultra Micro Series Mosquito MK VI brings this famous British WWII fighter to life in your own backyard. Scale details include the twin motors, authentic mossy camouflage paint scheme, molded clear plastic canopy, landing gear with steerable tail wheel, and even dummy cannons.  (PKZU1380)

ParkZone's first Ultra Micro Series F4U Corsair with great scale details that you can fly just about anywhere! This micro is capable of sport aerobatics or slow touch-n-go's, just like its larger park flyer brother, one of the most popular warbirds in the ParkZone line. It boasts great scale details like molded panel lines, a clear canopy, scale landing gear that allow you to enjoy the scale looks of this great WWII legend just about anywhere with the same flight characteristics you've come to expect from the park flyer model. (PKZU1600IM1/PKZU1680)

Hangar 9 is proud to present another legend in its lineup of Warbirds, the Corsair 50 ARF.  The Corsair features a superb scale outline with sport-like flying characteristics that make it easier for everyday pilots to fly. It comes with several scale features out of the box, such as a fiberglass cowl, 8-spoke scale wheels, a dummy engine, an aluminum spinner nut. Additionally, the Corsair 50 includes fixed gear; however, is E-flite electric retract-ready for the complete warbird look. For added convenience, the Corsair is EP (electric power) ready without any modifications necessary, making it easy to convert to electric power.

The new Spektrum DX10t Tray Radio is an all-rounder that will surprise every specialist with its sophisticated detail solutions.

Experience the outstanding features of this innovative transmitter for yourself. You will soon discover that the new DX10t Radio is the perfect tray transmitter for advanced level hobbyist. (SPM2800)

The 1/8-scale Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 4WD Buggy Kit features over thirty revisions and improvements to the revolutionary 8IGHT buggy chassis. The 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy proved to be the fastest buggy in qualifying by taking Top Qualifying honors at the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championships.  Visit the website for more detailed info.  (TLR0804)

The Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 2.0 Kit is built on an extended-length Tuned Flex Technology (TFT) 2.0 chassis (14mm longer) which offers added stability and handling across all track conditions. This increased stability gives the 8IGHT-T Kit the ability to carry more speed into and out of corners, and to glide across washboard sections with ease. Tuned Flex Technology also provides significant handling gains by responding precisely to changes in terrain without sacrificing balance and grip.  Many more new features listed on our website. (TLR0805)