Thursday, March 31, 2011

Real-Time Telemetry in the Palm of your Hand

In this exciting new release from Spektrum; STi (Spektrum Telemetry Interface) lets you transmit vital information from your model’s on-board Spektrum telemetry module to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. It can also be programmed to alert you when any telemetry value you are monitoring exceeds limits you define. It’s a great way to let a flying buddy watch model functions for you so you can focus more on flying and less on your transmitter display.

The STi is compatible with all DSM2/DSMX Spektrum and JR transmitters as long as it's bound to a telemetry module.


Available to order from Modelflight today!

Introducing the Stryker F27Q from Parkzone!

The All New ParkZone F-27Q Stryker
Introducing the Stryker F-27Q from Parkzone!  This exciting new addition to Parkzone's lineup comes both Plug and Play and Bind-N-Fly for your convenience! 

The completely re-engineered F-27Q Stryker now comes with 4-channel control out of the box and delivers increased speed, precision, maneuverability and wider speed envelope.

Designed by world aerobatic champion Quique Somenzini, the F-27Q Stryker delivers a thrilling blend of speed and aerobatic precision that’s unlike anything else in its class. Its fiberglass-reinforced Z-Foam airframe has been designed to handle abrupt wing loading changes at high speeds. This, combined with its more powerful 480 brushless power system and twin rudders, gives you an extra dimension of aerobatic fun you won’t find with any other flight-ready flying wing. Flat spins, blenders, snaps, knife edge – the F-27Q does it all with the same smooth, predictable handing that’s made every Stryker a sport flying favorite.

For more information please visit the Modelflight website...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Important Bulletin: Blade mCP X

Blade mCP X Main Rotor Head Replacement Request Bulletin

Attention Blade mCP X Owners

Horizon Product Support has received reports from customers concerning the new Blade mCP X ultra-micro collective pitch helicopter. Specifically, some customers have reported Main Blade Grips separating from the Main Rotor Head. The released Main Rotor Blades have the potential to strike and injure nearby persons. Horizon Product Development has updated the main rotor head assembly and is offering it free of charge to dealers and end consumers as supplies become available.  Please do not fly your Blade mCP X until you have fitted the new blade grips.

Please inspect your Main Blade Grips. If your helicopter does NOT have a“B” molded into the blade grips, complete the Blade mCP X Main Rotor Head Replacement Request Form below.

Upon receiving your request, an updated head assembly will be sent to you free of charge (as supplies become available) along with prepaid packaging to send your original Main Rotor Head to OMP at no cost.

Click HERE to complete the Blade mCP X Main Rotor Head Replacement Request Form.

OMP will pay for ground shipping within Australia.  If you have any questions, you can call OMP Product Support at 08-8186-0899

Click HERE to see instructions on how to install your blade grips.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Horizon Hobby disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer failing to act upon this product bulletin.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spektrum DX3C Preview

Bringing Budget-Friendly Computer Radios to the Masses

Spektrum has certainly brought a number of innovative features to RC'ers over the years. From the original DSM add-on module systems that freed people from frequency control and interference to the DX3 which introduced us to the first all-in-one Spektrum radio system. Spektrum has taken another leap forward in recent years with advancements like ModelMatch, DSM2 and Marine Technology. The time has come to bring these advanced features to the entry level crowd, all while mixing in a 20-model memory, computerized operation, exponential rates and much more. The result is the amazing DX3C which has features that far surpass its competition.

The DX3C may be classed as a beginner or entry-level radio but don't be fooled - there's a lot going on inside its case. Featuring a sharp and easy-to-read LCD display, scrolling selector operation, 20-model memory and integrated SD Card Slot just to name a few, the DX3C could be a contender for radio of the year- it's that good. Spektrum's Surface Radio Project Manager Blake Good paid us a visit to share some of the outstanding features this radio brings to the table.

Monday, March 21, 2011

February 2011 Indoor Meeting at ETSA

It is only two years ago that the rather youthful Hamish Scott was trying to fly a Blade 400 Helicopter inverted. Today he is right at the top of the ladder in this country as a model helicopter aerobatic pilot and he demonstrated his enormous skills in this art at ETSA Park tonight.

My first picture shows Matthew Waye, Model Flight’s test pilot of new models, cradling the latest in micro aerobatic helis; the Blade mCP X. The second picture shows the degree of concentration he was using to display this latest model which is available from Model Flight and we all watched in amazement at the capabilities of both model and pilot.

A little later in the night, after recharging the power supply for the baby Blade, Matty handed the transmitter to Hamish who immediately zapped away, inverted of course, at a terrifying speed and followed this by showing us, if we could follow it at such a rapid rate, just what this tiny aircraft could do in the hands of the Number One. It was an amazing display that those who were sufficiently fortunate to witness, will retain memories of that exhibition for some time to come. Thank you Hamish.

As you can see, there was quite a good gathering of both fliers and spectators, with 17 paying pilots helping to raise a smile on the face of the S.S.L. treasurer’s face and, perhaps, that was why Jenni was concentrating so hard so as not to disgrace herself whilst flying the little yellow Channuk. It is great that Jenni is still able to represent the ladies of “our mob” although she is really the only active female pilot that flies at ETSA these days.  Her husband, Klaus, on the other hand, looking quite relaxed as he took over the tranny of the delightful little four-rotor yellow bird although I think the gentleman, whilst leaning over his shoulder may have been telling Klaus that gentlemen usually stood up, when in action.
My final picky is of a very jovial trio in Vince (aka Viney), Jamie and Peter (aka The Lollyman) and I could not help but wonder what it was that threw them into fits of laughter, and who said it.  I must point out here that both Vince and Peter invested in a “4-Site” earlier in the day and  were having a most enjoyable evening with their new models. Yes, dear readers, I said “were.”  It was soon after their “moments of mirth” that Vince, whilst flying in the darker side of Court 4, was involved in a gigantic mid-air with Steve and his helicopter. What had, just a flash of an eye previously been a delightful little 4-Site, was now a heap of tiny pieces of multicoloured foam, the largest of which was smaller than the smile on his face just moments earlier. It was shocking bad luck for Vince and the action of that crash hi-lighted the worst part of Court 4. It is right at the bottom end of the 4-court stadium and by the time that we are the only group in action, the remaining lights over the other courts had been turned off. As Vince said, in an attempt to ease the hurt of his loss, “Its pretty dark over here!”

I do hope you can take communion with us again on the 17th March at ETSA Park Netball Stadium, Railway Terrace, Mile End when, as always, it will only cost you ten dollars to fly and absolutely nothing to spend an enjoyable, relaxed evening as a spectator. May I see you then?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

NVision Announces Most Advanced Technology in RC Engine Market

Just Announced!!

The NVB521 and NVB521-Race Off-Road Competition Engines combine CRF technology with a crankshaft that contains some of the most advanced technology available in today’s RC engine market. Each engine was designed to optimize the performance of 1/8-scale nitro buggies and has the following features:
  • Lightened heat sink
  • 7mm carb restrictor and a billet piston
  • Crankshaft contains conical inserts and angled holes that help created mind-blowing acceleration
  • Higher top-end speeds along with improved fuel economy
  • Includes 3 extra Venturies 6.5, 7.5 and 8mm
More info on these exciting new products coming soon...

New ROAR-approved ECX Buggy Released

Electrix RC have just announced a new 1/10 Buggy, aka The "Boost".  the latest addition to the Electrix RC line-up comes in true ready to run fashion, in two colour schemes, with everything included in one box!
  • Meets ROAR Specs
  • Wheels are a stylish dish type with ribbed front tires and square pin rear tires
  • Super low slung body available in 2 color schemes (Blue – ECX3000, Orange ECX3100)
  • The chassis is a narrow design with rolled edges to reduce drag and hanging up on irregular surfaces.
  • Universal slider type drive shafts
  • Transmission has an adjustable slipper clutch
  • 4 Oil filled adjustable shocks provides great handling
  • 2WD Transmission with gear differential makes it reliable and efficient
  • Custom battery strap with easy to use thumb clips
View both vehicles on the modelflight website: