Thursday, June 24, 2010

12month warranty on LiPo batteries

Don't settle for 30day warranties on LiPo Modelflight we are confident in the reliability and durability of the products we sell and offer a 12 month warranty on LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries from Hacker Top Fuel/Thunder Power/Dualsky/E-flite.

Modelflight warrants to the original purchaser that your Hacker Top Fuel/Thunder Power/Dualsky/E-flite battery will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase, or we’ll replace it at no charge, you pay only $9.00 for return shipping and handling.

What’s more, if your Hacker Top Fuel/Thunder Power/Dualsky/E-flite battery is damaged due to a crash, over charging or over discharging in the first six months, we will replace it with a new battery and you pay just 50% of the suggested retail cost plus $9.00 for return shipping and handling. (Proof of purchase within Australia must be provided)

New Release Information

Modelflight is excited to announce three fantastic new product launched in the US today!!

Blade 120 SR electric heli
They say #1 by design, and boy do they mean it! Blade will launch a brand new electric heli today in the US....The Blade 120 SR! This sub-micro sized electric heli comes in a BNF and RTF version with prices starting at $219.00!

The Blade 120 SR is a fixed-pitch heli that will give you the confidence to master the basics of single-rotor flight. Its unique rotor head was specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a co-axial helicopter, but provide the agile control of a single rotor helicopter. Modeled after the popular ultra micro-sized Blade mSR, the sub micro-sized 120 SR is larger, faster, and more powerful -- which makes outdoor flight a reality.

Spektrum Dx8
Introducing Spektrum’s first aircraft radio system with integrated telemetry; the DX8. Based on the popular DX6i platform, the new DX8 increases model memory to 30-models (heli or airplane) and its loaded with a number of valuable features not found in any other 8-channel in its class.

The DX8 will incorporate some groundbreaking features that have never before been seen in competitive radio systems. The radio will feature a unique telemetry warning screen with selectable tone or vibration alerts to keep the pilot well informed during flight. The top switch locations have been changed to improve ergonomics and the popular roller/selector is conveniently placed on the right side of the radio for easy thumb use for software navigation.

Overall, this is a giant leap forward for aircraft radios and marks the beginning of a new level of safety, convenience and enjoyment for RC enthusiasts. Telemetry provides modelers with a new sense of security via real-time information from their aircraft.

ParkZone F4F Wildcat electric planeIntroducing the F4F Wildcat BNF Park Flyer! From Pearl Harbor through 1942 the F4F Wildcat was the only U.S. fighter in the Pacific theater capable of thwarting the advances of Japan’s naval air forces. ParkZone brings the legendary Wildcat to life with this great flying Bind-N-Fly park flyer modeled after a plane flown by Lieutenant Commander Edward “Butch” O’Hare; the U.S. Navy’s first flying ace.

Scale touches include a realistic paint scheme, simulated engine cylinders and cowl flaps, molded wheels tucked into the fuselage and more. Its flight performance is equally impressive thanks to the full 4-channel control and ample power provided by its 480 brushless motor and the included 3S 1300mAh Li-Po battery. Best of all, you can have it flying in the time it takes you to charge the included battery pack and bind its Spektrum AR500 receiver to your full-range DSM2 aircraft system (sold separately).

Monday, June 21, 2010

E-Flight Park250 gets the thumbs up!

A customer recently sent us this video - hope you like it!

"I went though so many different cheaper style motors before I bought my E-Flight Park250 brushless motor to power my Multiplex Fox FPV setup... On 3cell 360mah & 4530GWS prop its unstoppable. The fox rises off ground with a 180gram all up flying weight thanks to the Park250.

Anyway, Ive recommend this motor to heaps of people, thought my video was pretty cool, hope you like it.


Friday, June 18, 2010

ETSA Park Indoor on a wintery June night

A small group of dedicated indoor fliers braved the chilly conditions on Thursday and gathered at ETSA Pk. We were graced by the presence of the Channel 7 News crew and reporter Paul Marshall so some footage may go to air on the Channel 7 Nightly news in Adelaide in the next week.

2 pilots had the new Parkzone Micro Sukhoi doing tricks, a few Blade mSR’s were seen scooting around the stadium with the very popular Ultra Micro Cubs and a Champ also evident. All in all, a great night's flying with no major mishaps...well, except for our own Brenton's F86 sustaining some damage when a micro heli landed hard on it while on the ground...sorry Brenton!

It is now over 10 years since we first flew at ETSA Pk and how things have changed. Brushed motors became brushless, Nicads became Nickel Metal Hydride then LiPO powered, balsa and tissue became foam and small became smaller; and that’s just the planes. The prospect of flying a helicopter indoors 10 years ago was the stuff of dreams, now it is so common, so affordable, and lots of fun. If you are in Adelaide on the night of July 15th head on down to ETSA Pk.

Mike O’Reilly

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thermal Soaring results by Mike O'Reilly

Since 1978 RC glider pilgrims have travelled to the small NSW town of Jerilderie for Australia’s biggest thermal duration contest. This year 63 competitors flew in near perfect conditions on the local racecourse.

After 14 rounds of hard fought competition former World Champion Joe Wurts of New Zealand beat another former World Champion David Hobby, with Australian F3J team member Carl Strautins just a few points away in 3rd place. Nick Chabrel took 4th and F3J Team Manager Theo Arvanitakis grabbed 5th.

6 of the top 10 pilots used the JR 12X radio(JR DSX12), 7 of the top 10 used JR/Spektrum DSM2 technology and 8 of the top 12 pilots flew Pike gliders.

The ‘B’ team (former F3B World Championship pilots) of Joe Wurts, Nick Chabrel, John Skinner, Mike O’Reilly and Steve Keep just pipped the ‘J’ team (this year’s Australian F3J World Championship team) of David Hobby, Carl Strautins, Theo Arvanitakis, Jim Houdalakis and Jamie Nancarrow for the coveted Team prize.

Staff members Mike O’Reilly took out 8th place with his Pike Perfect ET/JR 12X combination and Jamie Nancarrow 14th with his Pike Perfect ET/ JR 12X combination.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thermal Soaring with Mike and Jamie

Well Mike and I are off tomorrow for the annual pilgrimage to country New South Wales to fly in Australia’s premier Thermal Soaring event. The long Weekend has witnessed the small town of Jerilderie (nearby Deniliquin) host this event for more than 30-years; with several pilots attending for the entirety of this period. Organised and run by the Australian League of Silent Flight, typically competitors range from 60-100 entries, and travel from all sides of Australia.

The format of the event involves gliders being towed up a winch to heights of 300+feet and soaring around the sky in what is known as a “12&10 Thermal Task” – 12-minutes of “working time” for each pilot; they must fly as close as possible to 10-minutes without landing, finishing by landing as close to a designated spot as possible to achieve maximum points. The variables that are involved include the weather and wind conditions, 13+ pilots in the sky for every heat, the event lasts for three days, and of course staying up for 10-minutes is not easy without powered assistance.

This year Mike and I will be flying planes such as the Pike Perfect (from Samba), the Tragi 801 Cluster, TUD Freestyler 3, and several of Mike’s team will fly the Aspire (from Lubos Padzerka). Also at this year’s event, the Australian F3J Team (Carl Strautins, Jim Houdalakis, David Hobby) attending the World Championships in France (August) will be tuning up and getting some much needed final competition practice before heading off. If you would like to follow their progress feel free to follow on Facebook (Australian F3J Team;!) or on Twitter (AustraliaF3J).

We will keep you up-to-date over the weekend on scores and results, and hopefully the weather holds off...


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Huckfest 2010 Review by Matt Waye

Huckfest, held at Broken Hill, NSW was one of the best events I have attended for some time! Huckfest is all about flying large aerobatic models to the absolute Extreme. Broken Hill was the perfect setting for such an event, heaps of room, no trees to create turbulence and the weather on the Friday and the Saturday was like it knew we were going to be flying. I had the privilege of taking a Hanger 9 100cc Extra 260 Converted to electric.

The quality of flying at the event was something I have not seen in one group of people before and it was great to be part of it. Guys flying these huge aerobatic models has to be seen to believed!

On the Saturday we finished the day off with a bit of night flying; and not your usual night flying with small electrics! No!-This is with two huge traffic work light towers and a 50cc Yak. Brilliant!

I will say a huge thanks to Broken Hill MFC for having us up to fly ( Great group of guys -really enthusiastic!). To all who read this, pencil this event in to your diaries for next year - its not to be missed! Check out the pictures at and the Huckfest 2010 thread on

Matt Waye

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Merry Month of May at 'Indoor' by Alan Marks, aka The Phoenix

I am quite sure that I have said before but, at the risk of repeating myself, I shall say it again… "Our fly-people at indoor are, as to their numbers, quite unpredictable.” This was the case at our May indoor engagement, when only nine fliers were active throughout the night. I had arranged with one of Australia’s leading motor sport photographers, Mr John Lemm, to have my r/c road train at ETSA Park for him to conduct a photo shoot at various times during our flying. I guess, to that end, we were fortunate in the small numbers as there was no interruption to their flying at any time.

One of the most attractive innovations to our flying, was the first-ever appearance of Brenton Wildman’s delightful little Sabre Jet, which was flown with his normal display of dexterity and all that other nice stuff that one can say in an effort to cover him with praise. My first picture shows Brenton displaying his Sabre but, unfortunately, I am not able to show in this article, how impressive was his flying display. So well controlled was this little ducted fan model that it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

There were a few little helis darting around the sky like radio controlled gnats through the two hours, with the degree of heli displays being enhanced by a couple of very patient “trainees” who contented themselves by hovering with their trainee-undercarriage no more than a metre above the highly polished netball stadium floor, and steady enough for us to read “Blade 400” on their fuselages.The very thorough Mr. Lemm got himself all spread-eagled when looking for his best angle for one of his photographs.

As can be seen from the shot of the Road Train at completion, its forty eight wheels roll along nicely, carrying the three trailers and two dollies to its next destination.

Brad Merryweather, his brother-in-law Adam and Peter, the father of his wife, showed considerable interest as Adam has just commenced construction of a similar model. Good luck Adam. For me, it is the end of a 6-year labour of love, sourcing kits and bits and pieces from, mainly U.S.A. but also from N.Z. and Germany. I am very proud of it so why shouldn’t I pose with my final production which could not have been done without enormous help from Mike O’Reilly and his company Modelflight.

Next month at ETSA Park, which falls on the 17th June, why not come along and join us, from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. where it will cost you absolutely nothing to watch – BUT – if you toss a model in the boot, it will only cost you ten dollars to fly. What else could you do on a cold June night? Go to bed? Well – you know what could result from that and, dear readers, ask yourselves, “Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go flying where the fun will last for two hours???”

The Phoenix.

Nitro X Series NSW State Titles Review by Tim Gaukroger

Event - Nitro X Series NSW State Titles - off-road buggy
Location – Liverpool Radio Rally Cross Club – Liverpool, NSW
Date – 20th – 23rd May, 2010

Losi Attendee's – Andrew Gillott, Craig Laughton, Scott Jones, Tod Trower, Ben Panic, Jarrod Currie, Matt Iverach, Scott Kirchner

The NSW Titles (nitro off road buggy) was set to be the rematch from the Nationals held in earlier in the year in Adelaide. With names like Savoya, Lutz, McBride, Laughton, Gillott, Pain competing for the top prize, it was sure to be an awesome event. Qualifying began late on Thursday after three practice heats with racing running late into the evening under light. QLD young gun Kyle McBride took round 1 from Savoya, with Savoya and McBride trading positions for the rest of qualifying taking four of the six round wins. Andrew Gillott and Craig Laughton were the best of the rest, qualifying third and four leading into the semi finals. Savoya won Semi A ahead of Gillott and Pain. Laughton won Semi B narrowly ahead of McBride, with local hero Wayne Walker in third.

The stage was set for the final – The Liverpool track in mint condition, 12 of the country’s fastest drivers ready to battle and the weather remaining good throughout Sunday afternoon. The final was held up briefly with Craig Laughton calling a 10 minute delay after the weather cooled considerably and played havoc with his engine tune. The delay meant Laughton would start from the pits, a considerable distance back from the second position on the grid where he should have started. Savoya and McBride took control of the race early until McBride had engine trouble on lap 44, losing 40 seconds getting back to the pits and restarted. Gillott had taken control of third position for much of the race until McBride struck trouble, taking over second. Laughton managed to get from 12th to 6th on the first lap, before setting cruise control and sneaking through to 3rd by lap 45. With only 20 minutes remaining, Laughton set his sights on Savoya and Gillott ahead of him. On lap 69, Savoya suffered engine problems when his clutch nut worked loose and the clutch bell began to rub on the fuel tank, wearing through the tank to the point where he lost all fuel and was forced to retire. Gillott inherited the lead with Laughton now in a position to put pressure on the leader, closing to within a few seconds with five laps remaining. Laughton’s persistence paid off when Gillott slid wide on the step up / step down section, alloying Laughton to sneak through for the lead and holding his nerve for the remaining few laps, winning by .8 of a second. An exceptional race by Gillott who showed awesome speed all weekend but at the end of the 45 minute race was very unlucky to not come away with the top prize. McBride recovered well to finish third a lap down on the leaders.

Craig Laughton
Engine – Novarossi .21 Plus 4C
Transmitter – Spektrum DX3R
Servos – JR DS8915

Andrew Gillott
Engine – Novarossi .21 Plus 4C
Transmitter – Spektrum DX3R
Servos – JR DS8915

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Important Announcement

We have seen several e-mails from Chinese vendors offering the Spektrum AR6100 and AR6100E at very low prices. These receivers are not original Spektrum receivers, but are counterfeit copies, not manufactured by Spektrum, and do not use our specified components.

Consumers are cautioned to make sure they are purchasing original Spektrum receivers in original packaging. Chinese Vendors have the ability to make very visually similar copies, so unfortunately there is no way to easily distinguish between originals and copies. The best thing that consumers can do is to make sure they are purchasing their products from Modelflight or other established hobby and model shops who buy directly from OMP, the exclusive Spektrum Distributor for Australia. All original Spektrum receivers in Australia will carry the C Tick approval sticker.

In addition, some websites are now offering receivers that claim compatibility with Spektrum or DSM2 technology. Horizon Hobby and the Spektrum team have not certified or authorized any other company’s claim of compatibility.

Horizon Hobby (and it’s associated partners,) disclaims any and all liability for any damages or claims arising from the use of any counterfeit Spektrum receiver or any receiver claiming (DSM or) DSM2 compatibility. The consumer assumes all liability for using such products.

Horizon Hobby (Spektrum) and OMP are always striving to ensure your enjoyment in the hobby by developing and producing products to a tight standard of quality and performance. Don’t put your enjoyment at risk by utilizing imitation or untested generic components that could jeopardize the safety of your flying experience.