Friday, June 18, 2010

ETSA Park Indoor on a wintery June night

A small group of dedicated indoor fliers braved the chilly conditions on Thursday and gathered at ETSA Pk. We were graced by the presence of the Channel 7 News crew and reporter Paul Marshall so some footage may go to air on the Channel 7 Nightly news in Adelaide in the next week.

2 pilots had the new Parkzone Micro Sukhoi doing tricks, a few Blade mSR’s were seen scooting around the stadium with the very popular Ultra Micro Cubs and a Champ also evident. All in all, a great night's flying with no major mishaps...well, except for our own Brenton's F86 sustaining some damage when a micro heli landed hard on it while on the ground...sorry Brenton!

It is now over 10 years since we first flew at ETSA Pk and how things have changed. Brushed motors became brushless, Nicads became Nickel Metal Hydride then LiPO powered, balsa and tissue became foam and small became smaller; and that’s just the planes. The prospect of flying a helicopter indoors 10 years ago was the stuff of dreams, now it is so common, so affordable, and lots of fun. If you are in Adelaide on the night of July 15th head on down to ETSA Pk.

Mike O’Reilly

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