Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Release Information

Modelflight is excited to announce three fantastic new product launched in the US today!!

Blade 120 SR electric heli
They say #1 by design, and boy do they mean it! Blade will launch a brand new electric heli today in the US....The Blade 120 SR! This sub-micro sized electric heli comes in a BNF and RTF version with prices starting at $219.00!

The Blade 120 SR is a fixed-pitch heli that will give you the confidence to master the basics of single-rotor flight. Its unique rotor head was specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a co-axial helicopter, but provide the agile control of a single rotor helicopter. Modeled after the popular ultra micro-sized Blade mSR, the sub micro-sized 120 SR is larger, faster, and more powerful -- which makes outdoor flight a reality.

Spektrum Dx8
Introducing Spektrum’s first aircraft radio system with integrated telemetry; the DX8. Based on the popular DX6i platform, the new DX8 increases model memory to 30-models (heli or airplane) and its loaded with a number of valuable features not found in any other 8-channel in its class.

The DX8 will incorporate some groundbreaking features that have never before been seen in competitive radio systems. The radio will feature a unique telemetry warning screen with selectable tone or vibration alerts to keep the pilot well informed during flight. The top switch locations have been changed to improve ergonomics and the popular roller/selector is conveniently placed on the right side of the radio for easy thumb use for software navigation.

Overall, this is a giant leap forward for aircraft radios and marks the beginning of a new level of safety, convenience and enjoyment for RC enthusiasts. Telemetry provides modelers with a new sense of security via real-time information from their aircraft.

ParkZone F4F Wildcat electric planeIntroducing the F4F Wildcat BNF Park Flyer! From Pearl Harbor through 1942 the F4F Wildcat was the only U.S. fighter in the Pacific theater capable of thwarting the advances of Japan’s naval air forces. ParkZone brings the legendary Wildcat to life with this great flying Bind-N-Fly park flyer modeled after a plane flown by Lieutenant Commander Edward “Butch” O’Hare; the U.S. Navy’s first flying ace.

Scale touches include a realistic paint scheme, simulated engine cylinders and cowl flaps, molded wheels tucked into the fuselage and more. Its flight performance is equally impressive thanks to the full 4-channel control and ample power provided by its 480 brushless motor and the included 3S 1300mAh Li-Po battery. Best of all, you can have it flying in the time it takes you to charge the included battery pack and bind its Spektrum AR500 receiver to your full-range DSM2 aircraft system (sold separately).

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