Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Merry Month of May at 'Indoor' by Alan Marks, aka The Phoenix

I am quite sure that I have said before but, at the risk of repeating myself, I shall say it again… "Our fly-people at indoor are, as to their numbers, quite unpredictable.” This was the case at our May indoor engagement, when only nine fliers were active throughout the night. I had arranged with one of Australia’s leading motor sport photographers, Mr John Lemm, to have my r/c road train at ETSA Park for him to conduct a photo shoot at various times during our flying. I guess, to that end, we were fortunate in the small numbers as there was no interruption to their flying at any time.

One of the most attractive innovations to our flying, was the first-ever appearance of Brenton Wildman’s delightful little Sabre Jet, which was flown with his normal display of dexterity and all that other nice stuff that one can say in an effort to cover him with praise. My first picture shows Brenton displaying his Sabre but, unfortunately, I am not able to show in this article, how impressive was his flying display. So well controlled was this little ducted fan model that it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

There were a few little helis darting around the sky like radio controlled gnats through the two hours, with the degree of heli displays being enhanced by a couple of very patient “trainees” who contented themselves by hovering with their trainee-undercarriage no more than a metre above the highly polished netball stadium floor, and steady enough for us to read “Blade 400” on their fuselages.The very thorough Mr. Lemm got himself all spread-eagled when looking for his best angle for one of his photographs.

As can be seen from the shot of the Road Train at completion, its forty eight wheels roll along nicely, carrying the three trailers and two dollies to its next destination.

Brad Merryweather, his brother-in-law Adam and Peter, the father of his wife, showed considerable interest as Adam has just commenced construction of a similar model. Good luck Adam. For me, it is the end of a 6-year labour of love, sourcing kits and bits and pieces from, mainly U.S.A. but also from N.Z. and Germany. I am very proud of it so why shouldn’t I pose with my final production which could not have been done without enormous help from Mike O’Reilly and his company Modelflight.

Next month at ETSA Park, which falls on the 17th June, why not come along and join us, from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. where it will cost you absolutely nothing to watch – BUT – if you toss a model in the boot, it will only cost you ten dollars to fly. What else could you do on a cold June night? Go to bed? Well – you know what could result from that and, dear readers, ask yourselves, “Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go flying where the fun will last for two hours???”

The Phoenix.

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