Monday, August 30, 2010

Modelflight Takes Top Prizes at Milang

Staff members Brad, Brian and Mike flew in the Open Thermal/Open Electric glider event at Milang on Sunday 29th August.

Congratulations to Mike O who won the Open Thermal event with his Tragi 801 Cluster glider/JR DSX12 combo, and to Brian who won the Open Electric glider with his Pulsar/JR DSX12 combo.

Well Done guys!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Products from Losi

Losi have just announced some exciting new releases to add to their mini and micro range....

The new Ready Lift SCT's come Ready-to-Run and in Bind-N-Drive modes, with an Xcelorin brushless power system, oil-filled shocks and an extended short course chassis.

Too good to be true? Nope. The Mini SCT RTR has all that and more. It’s ready to take on the competition!

E-Flite NEW Product Launch!

Two exciting, brand new products from E-flite are being launched today:

More details on these great products are available on with videos coming soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Phoenix Freezes at ETSA Park in August

As I exited my driveway at a tad after seven for our Monthly Indoor Flying Event at ETSA Park, I later discovered that 17 other warm blooded pilots were stalwartly joining me on the road to what was to become, our coldest night on record at that venue. No fear of my wings melting and falling to earth from my body. One of the most sensible arrivals was one gentleman, complete with, what appeared to be a delightfully thick woolen hoody and as the night became even colder, I had wished for the strength to remove it for my own use.

However, dear readers, even under these quite torrid conditions, we had come to ETSA to fly our electric models, both fixed wing and helicopters, all of various materials from balsa in the more conventional style, to some of the latest models from your favourite model shop, such as the Blade 120SR which was making its second public appearance. This it did with some aplomb and skill from the Managing Director of Modelflight, Mike O’Reilly who was the first of two lucky pilots with this ultra-advanced helicopter. It has since been released for sale and can be seen on the shelves on the Goodwood Road shop. The larger of the helis, such as the Blade 400, which is the largest permitted heli at ETSA Park, spent most of their time on Court 2, and with their training frames attached they proved that patience and practice is producing some very steady hovering.

Andy Hollitt again demonstrated indoor pylon competition with such skill, as one expects to see from Andy, that I am sure a number of others had their interests stirred a little and probably hoped that they had a foam constructed pylon racing aircraft so that they, too, could have joined Andy. Keep it up Andy, I feel sure the interest will grow which is good as it does not take up a lot of space.

When Brenton Wildman arrived, I thought that, just maybe, I was in Steptoe’s shop. Please let me elucidate for it was not scrap but boxes of models. Some unused and others with very little use but, as Brenton is moving house he finds the necessity to rid himself of a number of models that are surplus to his very active flying life style. So he brought his garage sale to ETSA Park. As Brenton is providing the pix for this article, due to a temporary malfunction with my camera/computer equipment, and as I have no idea which shots he is using, my story may appear a little lost without mentioning the accompanying shots. My thanks to Brenton for the backing. Here is a pic of the E-Flite Blade Tandem Rescue Heli, test flown by Brenton before its arrival on Aussie shores early September. "The new Eflite Blade Tandem Rescue was flown early in the night, very stable and controllable".

A couple of our regular fliers brought small racing cars, both 4 and 2-wheel drive models and if you would like to join them on future nights, do not hesitate to toss a car or two in your boot. J.J. joined the father Mike and the son Ryan Holmes in some playful combat with their very manoeuvrable (well that’s how Mr Oxford spells it – I would have liked to have added another (e)) foam models and the main thing that this exemplified was the enormous improvement in Ryan’s flying. We have watched this 14-year-old’s flying from his beginning and being nurtured by a doting father, together with an obedient son has produced an outstanding degree of skill, expecially in one so young. I just wish that I had his computer and electronic skills – I would have some photos to show you dear friends. Mike H, we have not had a family display yet so when can we expect to see Mary, the mother, join the father and son? Say that would be fantastic - like –“the family who flies together, stays together!” Okay, so you’re doing very nicely thank you, without that rubbish. If we can look far enough back into history, we would remember Pat Crowe and his two sons all flying together, and I’ll get sacked if I don’t mention them, but we also have seen the late Leo O’Reilly and his two sons flying together. But, in either case there was no mum’s appearance. Come on Mary – make it a first. Come to think of it, those two afore-mentioned families were all members of the Southern Soaring League so there must have been strong family interest in the times gone by. Pity they cannot introduce some new flying families.

Ian Smedman continues to improve with each appearance. I wonder if his new branch of hobbying has caused his car-racing brilliance to suffer?? Hope not. After all, one is day-time and t’other in the night so they should not adversely affect each other.

The Whiteline 3-1/2 metre long R/C Road Train has been invited to put in an appearance at the Angaston Show in February and, as one of the show organizers is coming to ETSA Park to check it out for required space etc. it will again be on show at our next Indoor Flying Event at the Netball Stadium on Thursday September 16th between the hours of 8.30 and 10.30 p.m. Why not come along and see if The Phoenix can roll it over as he did without being requested to do so by Channel 7. It wont cost a cent to come and watch that and other spectacles through the night. It is only if you toss a model in the boot, and fly it, that it will cost you $10 for the night’s entertainment.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A closer look at AC/DC Chargers

We have recently added the Thunder Power TP610C AC-DC charger to our product range so we thought we would take a closer look at it along with another popular charger from our range!

Swallow EQ ACDCThunder Power TP610C AC-DC
Max Charge6A10A
Max Discharge1A1A
Max Wattage50W80W
AC Range100-240v100-240v
DC Range11-15v11-18v
Back-lit ScreenNoYes
Recovery ModeNoYes
Storage ModeNoYes
Memories025 each Chemistry (125)
Warranty1 year2 year

All new UMX Beast from E-flite

Check out this fantastic new offering from E-Flite! The Ultra-Micro eXtreme Beast BNF! With a Brushless motor, the power of this new aerobatic flyer will knock your socks off!

And watch the official preview at Horizon Hobby:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stock Just Arrived!

Modelflight has just received a shipment filled to the brim with exciting aircraft!! Now available on are:

The latest Sebart models are available in new colour schemes...but hurry, while stocks last!

Indoor Flying tonight at ETSA Park

I's that time of the month again...Indoor flying at ETSA Park! Come along from 830pm to fly your indoor models, or simply to check out the latest products being showcased by modelflight and friends! Only $10 to fly but spectators can come along for FREE!

More the merrier and we look forward to catching up with you this evening!

Don't forget the BBQ & Sidewalk Sale at Modelflight Goodwood, Adelaide on the 28th August! Come grab a bargain!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Products on

The AR6255 DSM2 6ch Carbon Fuse Receiver from Spektrum

Spektrum’s latest 6-channel compact receiver, designed and optimised for carbon fibre fuselage installation is an ideal pick for any hand launch or discus launch glider (DLG) pilot. With 2048 resolution and full range capabilities the AR6255 can still fit in even the smallest of spaces. Its built-in data port is compatible with Spektrum’s Flight Log and telemetry modules. This receiver offers superior RF coverage with the through-the-fuselage feeder antennas, preset failsafe system on all channels optimised for sailplane and F5D applications and ‘QuickConnect’ with Brownout Detection. At only 5.5grams, with voltage range 3.5-9.6V this is a great pick! (SPMAR6255)

New Flybarless Head Conversion Sets from the JR Heli division
The JR Heli division have now launched world-class performance electric and IC powered helicopter flybarless kits for the Vibe 500e, Vibe 50e and Vibe 90 SG. The Flybarless Heads are designed to provide outrageous 3D performance and come as a complete set with all parts for the flybarless rotorhead. Features include: All metal CNC construction, integrated washout base and yoke, the 90 & 50 heads include mixing lever throw reduction, unique and impressive design. (JR96404 / JR96414)

“Bag it up” the latest JR Propo Bag
JR have modified their popular Propo Bag to accommodate their 2.4 GHz transmitters. This soft bag provides cushioned protection for JR DSX9, 11X Zero and DSX12 transmitters. It measures 310 x 210 x 135 mm and includes two Inner Sponges and an Inner Belt to secure the transmitter. A detachable carry handle is also included. (JRC06907)

Adding Retracts has never been easier with E-flite
You don’t have to be a master modeller to add the realism of functioning retracts to your airplane. E-flite’s completely self-contained retract system requires no air tank, complex linkages or extra servo. It can simply be bolted into place and plugged into the receiver. A specially designed Y-harness is included that allows for the use of a single receiver channel to control all retract units.

Spektrum’s latest Heavy Duty Servo Extension Leads
Spektrum have now released a new line of heavy duty Servo Extension Leads with gold-plated contacts designed specifically for Spektrum to ensure a solid connection every time. The extensions also boast premium quality Z-connectors, which are compatible with Spektrum and JR receivers and servos. The heavy-duty 22AWG wire handles higher current loads and their unique appearance, thanks to the Spektrum logo moulded into the connector housings gives great quality as well as great value. The extension leads are available in the following sizes: 122cm / 91cm / 61cm / 46cm / 30cm / 23cm / 15cm / 8cm (48”, 36”, 24”, 18” 12”, 9”, 6”, and 3”).

Friday, August 13, 2010

“Now to fly the beautiful beast" by Alan Marks

“Now to fly the beautiful beast" by Alan Marks

In the past, I must say that I have not put a lot of credence in the words that often garnish the colourful boxes in which our models arrive from their makers, but it was such a pleasant surprise when I discovered that the Blade 120SR did exactly that. Oh it did require just a tad of right trim to make it even simpler on take off but once a foot or so (what do you want? A half metre uh?) Okay, that was the altitude at which I did most of my early flights with this helicopter, and once it was at that height from the ground, it started to meeeow in true pussycat style.

I’m going to introduce a little bit of brain in this article because I have come to the sudden realization that “SR” may stand for “Single Rotor” and the baby of this breed being an “MSR” could quite well represent a “Micro Single Rotor.” Well! You must admit that it sounds fairly impressive! I am trying to sound impressive to help you realize that this new helicopter from the distributors, Horizon, IS a single rotor design.

This is the next step up from one of those double, contra-rotating rotor helicopters that have been darting in and out of the rafters of our indoor flying venues for over a year now and it is not a huge upwards move to the “SR” as it requires just a wee bit more concentration to initially raise it from the floor.

Okay – here is what you do. You have just arrived home after expending in the vicinity of $260 and on opening the box, you see it all there. Everything is fitted within the most attractive fuselage, from the tip, out along the carbon-fibre tail boom to the compact and delightful-looking tail motor and rotor. The miniaturized 5-in-1 control unit which combines the 2.4GHz DSM2 receiver, the Electronic Speed Controllers, the mixer, gyro and servos, plus the motor, all onto a single circuit board go together in keeping the flying weight down to an absolute minimum. Whilst one is able to advance to a more aggressive control to give faster flying etc., I felt that that was for Matty, Brad, Brent and Toddles more skilful fingers. I was quite contented to fly it in the more softer mode – leaving all that University grade flying for the experts.

It was still quite windy outside so I contented myself by remaining within the boundaries, about 15 by 5 metres of safe flying space of my rear patio. I did find that patience was the virtuous way to go and it was nearly ten minutes before I actually got the beasty off the deck. Little by little I progressed, mainly forwards rather than upwards, until I realized that it was much better to get it clear of the floor and that, as soon as I gave sufficient throttle to raise and give it some altitude, albeit a quarter of a metre maybe, it was very rewarding. The height is actually adjusted by the amount of throttle one feeds in but, for the first half hour or so, be quite content with just having it clear of the floor and the surprising result is that you are finding one of the easiest helies to put into a hover that you have ever had the pleasure of flying.

If you do not wish to add yet another transmitter to your, no doubt, vast collection of those, which seems to be “the way to go” these days, then toddle along to our Goodwood Road shop, just South of the tram crossing, and talk a “Bind-n-Fly” deal with Store Manager, Brad, or any one of his most helpful staff members. Keep in mind, if your friendly Phoenix can hover in half an hour, then I’m sure that you will have no problems in getting your money’s worth of total enjoyment and value from your small investment. There is just a word of warning though – the model is now available in the shop but I do expect the first shipment to sell very rapidly. If you need more proof of this being the way to go with your model flying, then come along to ETSA Park Netball Stadium on the third Thursday night of any month and see this exciting model helicopter in action in the hands of some of our staffer experts.

The Phoenix aka Alan Marks