Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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The AR6255 DSM2 6ch Carbon Fuse Receiver from Spektrum

Spektrum’s latest 6-channel compact receiver, designed and optimised for carbon fibre fuselage installation is an ideal pick for any hand launch or discus launch glider (DLG) pilot. With 2048 resolution and full range capabilities the AR6255 can still fit in even the smallest of spaces. Its built-in data port is compatible with Spektrum’s Flight Log and telemetry modules. This receiver offers superior RF coverage with the through-the-fuselage feeder antennas, preset failsafe system on all channels optimised for sailplane and F5D applications and ‘QuickConnect’ with Brownout Detection. At only 5.5grams, with voltage range 3.5-9.6V this is a great pick! (SPMAR6255)

New Flybarless Head Conversion Sets from the JR Heli division
The JR Heli division have now launched world-class performance electric and IC powered helicopter flybarless kits for the Vibe 500e, Vibe 50e and Vibe 90 SG. The Flybarless Heads are designed to provide outrageous 3D performance and come as a complete set with all parts for the flybarless rotorhead. Features include: All metal CNC construction, integrated washout base and yoke, the 90 & 50 heads include mixing lever throw reduction, unique and impressive design. (JR96404 / JR96414)

“Bag it up” the latest JR Propo Bag
JR have modified their popular Propo Bag to accommodate their 2.4 GHz transmitters. This soft bag provides cushioned protection for JR DSX9, 11X Zero and DSX12 transmitters. It measures 310 x 210 x 135 mm and includes two Inner Sponges and an Inner Belt to secure the transmitter. A detachable carry handle is also included. (JRC06907)

Adding Retracts has never been easier with E-flite
You don’t have to be a master modeller to add the realism of functioning retracts to your airplane. E-flite’s completely self-contained retract system requires no air tank, complex linkages or extra servo. It can simply be bolted into place and plugged into the receiver. A specially designed Y-harness is included that allows for the use of a single receiver channel to control all retract units.

Spektrum’s latest Heavy Duty Servo Extension Leads
Spektrum have now released a new line of heavy duty Servo Extension Leads with gold-plated contacts designed specifically for Spektrum to ensure a solid connection every time. The extensions also boast premium quality Z-connectors, which are compatible with Spektrum and JR receivers and servos. The heavy-duty 22AWG wire handles higher current loads and their unique appearance, thanks to the Spektrum logo moulded into the connector housings gives great quality as well as great value. The extension leads are available in the following sizes: 122cm / 91cm / 61cm / 46cm / 30cm / 23cm / 15cm / 8cm (48”, 36”, 24”, 18” 12”, 9”, 6”, and 3”).

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