Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Temora Jets Review

Temora Jets 2010 was held over the weekend of the 17th, 18th and 19th of September. 60 pilots from around the country registered for the event with a total of 92 jet aircraft present. Vin Pike travelled over from Adelaide with his Skymaster Viperjet 2M.

A JetCat P80 SE powers the Viperjet and radio control was handled by the JR DSX12, with JR 8411 Digital servos throughout. The new Hacker Top Fuel LiFe cells supplied power. Two 2S packs of 3100 mAh were directed into the JR RD1221 2.4 ghz receiver for dual redundancy giving a faultless system all weekend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

State Open Thermal Contest Report

The SA State Thermal Contest was held over the past weekend with a good attendance, including Darrel and Garry making the pilgrimage from Mildura. Again, Darrel blow took home the win (his second in a row or maybe third) in some windy conditions. Some noteworthy results from Jim McDougall with his Aspire, and a new improved Joe Rufenacht who has recently had some obviously vision clearing eye surgery. It was also great to see some relative newcomers, Gavin Bowden and Robert Gunn, enjoying themselves. Thanks to SSL on what was another very successful event.

Individual Scores were as follows:
                                           Score    %      Raw Score
  1. Blow, Darrel             9995    100       11654
  2. Whitfield, Garry        9955    99.6      11628
  3. Chabrel, Nick           9778    97.83    11279
  4. Nancarrow, Jamie     9687    96.92    11095
  5. Moorfield, Paul         9683    96.88    11209
  6. Potter, Greg              9622    96.27    10897
  7. Newcombe, Max      9446    94.51    10107
  8. Morris, Simon           9388    93.93    10840
  9. McDougall, Jim         9076    90.81    10110
  10. Merryweather, Brad  8949    89.53    10221
Landing Scores were as follows:
                                          Score    %      Raw Score
  1. Chabrel, Nick           1140    100       1140
  2. Whitfield, Garry        1113    97.63    1113
  3. Nancarrow, Jamie     1111    97.46    1111
  4. Morris, Simon           1086    95.26    1086
  5. Moorfield, Paul         1079    94.65    1069
  6. Blow, Darrel             1056    92.63    1056
  7. Potter, Greg              1035    90.79    1035
  8. Newcombe, Max        909    79.74      909
  9. McDougall, Jim           860    75.44      860
  10. Merryweather, Brad    819    71.84      819

New 1/8-scale buggy from Losi

Losi have just announced a new 1/8-scale 4WD buggy....The Losi 810!

A package boasting the most superior power to weight ration. A Losi 3.4 nitro engine that delivers the most power in its class. Interference-free Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology. A lightweight aluminum chassis. The 4-wheel drive 810 Buggy RTR has it all. And it’s affordable. When you want a 1/8-scale ready-to-run buggy that’s high on features but not on price, the 810 delivers.

Visit www.modelflight.com.au for more information

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's September 2010 with the Phoenix

As the “Leedies” were not engaged with ball games at ETSA Park on the night of our latest Indoor Flying, we were able to fly from 7.45 p.m. thanks to Adam, the duty manager of the stadium, who gave the ok to start unloading and rigging models. It suited the Phoenix as the Angaston Annual Show Society representatives had arrived early to view my “now infamous” Roadtrain which has been booked for their show in February. They returned to Angaston apparently quite contented with their viewing on the night.

With the onslaught of the combat helicopters, the FHX and MH-35 Heli's, which were released to the public on that night, my first picture is of the delightful little machine, the first change one notices from other Micro contra-rotating blade setups, being what appeared to be a back-to-front exhaust box sticking out the front of the machine. In actuality, that is the “machine gun.” In some of the pictures you will also notice two orange buttons on the underside of the transmitter, which operate the guns.

Brenton & Jamie Concentrating
Model Flight’s Managing Director, Michael O’Reilly had envisaged up to a dozen combatants in the air at one time and, after their first official outing, this seems well within the realms of possibility, when eight of them flew together on this first occasion. I had the enormous pleasure of joining 7 Model Flight Staffers in combat and whilst the mass battle continued, few other fliers were in action as most interest was in the little micro copters spinning whenever a “direct hit” was registered against it. Brenton and Jamie are seen in heavy concentration during one of their “battles.”

Klaus and Jenny arrive
I found it quite easy to snap Jenni and Klaus Rudloff (that’s Jenni on the left without the beard) when they arrived at the stadium. Under their normal clothes, they were wearing suits of armour for they had come prepared to do battle with the enemy, eagerly displaying their red or blue light to identify them as either friend or foe. If you look at the photo of Brenton, with his barely visible combat model, you can plainly see the orange firing buttons on the transmitter, which is included in the fascinating kit. These little models brought a new life to and a new interest in, our indoor flying movement in Adelaide. Retailing at just $169 it is a cheap method of having a great night’s entertainment.

An interesting young 16-year-old is Matthew Chapple who is shown demonstrating a tail stand with his foamie. Matthew is a certificated full-size pilot but another outstanding feature of this pleasant-mannered young gentleman is that he and his dad, Trevor, drove down from Waikerie, especially for our indoor evening. Matthew flew for most of our two hour flying period which, I might add, costs ten dollars, then he and Trevor got back in their car and drove the 2-hour journey back home again. The four-hour combined trip displays the enthusiasm of two people to take part in another two hours that is spent at the ETSA Park Netball Stadium on Railway Terrace, Mile End on the third Thursday of each month. Our official flying hours are normally from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. but, as shown on this occasion, we are often granted a generous start by the Manager on duty.

Finally, dear friends, I must mention the quite large, spidery contraption that Peter brought with him. I say spidery for it did remind me of “Spiderman” climbing up a tall building with arms and legs outstretched. The difference in this piece of fascinating machinery is that three E-Flite electric brushless motors are mounted on the end of each arm, which, in fact, began life as the tail booms of model helicopters. This is a Tri-copter and to say that it rises in ultra-steady flight in Peter’s hands, would be an understatement. I did take a couple or more shots of this model in flight but its absolute “stelth” appearance made the images quite useless to use in this epistle. You may recall seeing Peter’s delightful r/c rocket which rose from a vertical tail stand, leveled out, did a few circuits and then slowly and gracefully lowered back onto the tail for landing. This tri-copter joins Peter’s collection of “amazing machines.” There is another on the building board but you will have to keep your eye on the Phoenix columns to hear of it.                    

Radian Pro by Parkzone announced today!

JUST ANNOUNCED!  The Parkzone Radian Pro!  Visit www.modelflight.com.au for more information

The ParkZone Radian Pro is a perfect follow-on to the successful ParkZone Radian and a long awaited addition to ParkZone's sailplane category. Designed with the experienced sailplane pilot in mind, the Radian Pro comes equipped with 5-channels out of the box, including ailerons for a more precise soaring experience and flaps for more glide path control.

Compared to the original Radian's easy, stress-free Sunday flying, the Radian pro provides a more concentrated flight experience and increased capability, allowing the pilot full roll control, spot landing and precision. The versatility and maneuverability of this plane complete with throttle, rudder, aileron, elevator and flaps allow for the flight performance that you might expect from the traditional competition sailplane without the hassles of having to build one. The Radian Pro's more rigid tail allows for increased maneuverability and precise control, and the new locking retention for the wing provides additional security for more aggressive flying.

Whether you're a current Radian flyer looking for increased performance capabilities or an experienced sailplane pilot looking for something to just fly, the Radian Pro is the answer. Available in both Bind-N-Fly and Plug-N-Play completion levels, this plane can be ready to fly in as little time as takes to charge the battery.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Force Heli's head to ETSA Park

Well a great turnout at indoor flying lastnight, and some impressive battling with the new Force Helicopters. Its remarkable how much fun it can be to shoot down your friends!

It was great to see some new faces around the crowd, some even travelling from the Riverland for the evening.

Modelflight would like to congratulate Alan Marks on another impressive display with his “big rig” – his Tamiya Truck. It has taken Alan over 6-years and some capital investment to get this impressive bit of machinery to a state that he is happy. Check out the video below to see all the bells and whistles he has working on it.

Modelflight visits Clovelly Park Primary School

Jamie Nancarrow and Brian Locket from Modelflight attended Clovelly Park Primary School today to give some very enthusiastic young faces from class G5 a better understanding on the basic theories and history of flight. So far, the class has been learning about different styles of flying machines and had even built kites the previous week to fly. Sam Kennedy, G5's teacher, managed to control the in-class enthusiasm long enough for the students to learn about Lift, Thrust, Drag and Gravity, and get some hands on experience with the E-Flite Habu Jet, Parkzone Bf-109 and ParkZone Radian

After the inside session students were taken to the school oval to see the Radian in action under Brian’s expert control (including some unfriendly magpies for laughs). After fielding many, many questions relating to the class assignment, Jamie and Brian then demonstrated how the new Force Helicopters flew, battled, and won. Model Flight would like to thank the students from Clovelly Park Primary School, and teacher Sam Kennedy, for organising a very informative, and hopefully beneficial session for the students. 

We hope to see many of these smiling faces enjoying flying in the future!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DX7 Model Match Bulletin

DX7 Model Match Bulletin: Model 11‐20 Software Update

Recently, the Horizon Hobby Service Department discovered a software issue in DX7 transmitters with HA002J, HR003J, HR004J, HR005J, HR006J, HR007J, HR008J or HR009J Product IDs (PIDs) and FCC ID: BRWDAMTX11.

The issue Service Center discovered, affects ModelMatch for models 11–20 when binding and saving new models into memory.  Horizon Hobby and authorised distributors have a software update to correct this issue. This software update can only be performed by Spektrum Service Department authorized Technicians.

If your DX7 has one of the following PIDs: HR003J, HR004J, HR005J, HR006J, HR007J, HR008J or HR009J and FCC ID BRWDAMTX11:
  • Click here to complete the Spektrum DX7 Return Request form.
  • You may also e‐mail the Modelflight Product Support team. Please type “DX7 Return Request Form” in the subject line.
  • Please include your shipping address, daytime phone number, and the date code from your Spektrum DX7 transmitter. Click here to e‐mail product support.
  • OMP/Spektrum will pay for return shipping on Australian Purchased DX7 units once the ‘Return Request form’ is submitted. This will be arranged via OMP’s courier service, and alternatively can be organised via the Modelflight Shop/MailOrder line.
  • As with all RC aircraft, please check your transmitter and equipment prior to each flight.

On behalf of Horizon Hobby, Modelflight and the Spektrum team apologize for this inconvenience.

Modelflight Online
53 Ellemsea Circuit
South Australia
Phone: +618 8186 4250

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reminder: 1hr max charge time for Losi 1/24 Batteries

Battery and Charging Guidelines and Warnings - Losi 1/24

Failure to exercise caution while using this product and comply with the following warnings could result in  product malfunction, electrical issues, excessive heat, FIRE, and ultimately injury and property damage.
  • Read all safety precautions and literature prior to use of this product
  • Never leave the battery and charger unattended during use
  • Never allow minors to charge battery packs without adult supervision
  • Never drop charger or batteries
  • Never attempt to charge dead or damaged batteries
  • Never charge a battery if the cable has been pinched or shorted
  • Never allow batteries or charger to come into contact with moisture at any time
  • Never charge batteries in extremely hot or cold places (recommended between 50–80 degrees Fahrenheit) or place in direct sunlight
  • Always use only NiMH rechargeable batteries. This charger cannot charge batteries such as “heavy duty,” “alkaline battery,” or “mercury battery”
  • Always connect the positive red lead (+) and negative black lead (-) terminals of the battery to the charge terminals correctly
  • Always disconnect the battery and charger after charging and let them cool between charges
  • Always inspect the battery before charging
  • Always terminate all processes and contact Modelflight if the product malfunctions
  • Always make sure you know the specifications of the battery to be charged or discharged to ensure it meets the requirements of this charger
  • Always constantly monitor the temperature of the battery pack while charging
  • Always end the charging process if the charger or battery becomes hot to the touch or starts to change form during the charge process
Tim Gaukroger, one of our top Losi Drivers, took these cars home for a test drive and here are his thoughts:
"Losi’s new 1/24 Rally and SCT – what can I say, what a blast! Having been a fan of the Micro T’s, DT’s etc in the past, I knew Losi’s new 1/24th vehicles would be a winner. More powerful, refined looks, 4 wheel drive, increased runtime and better durability only meant one thing – more fun! Charge time is less than an hour and very convenient because of the supplied 240v wall adaptor. Be careful not to charge for more than an hour as you can overcharge the battery."

Friday, September 3, 2010

Let the Battle Begin with FORCE RC

Horizon Hobby have just announced a new revolutionary brand and line of products to the market....FORCE RC!

FORCE RC unleashes these ultra-lightweight, combat-ready helis, perfect for out-maneuvering opponents in tight quarters. The FHX and MH-35 have self-stabilizing characteristics and a mil-spec gyro stabilization system that make combat flying a breeze. Using our built-in battle module to send and receive range adjustable, infrared signals, your customers can shoot down their opponents while in flight. Game play, using a newly designed 5-channel custom transmitter, will focus on the themes in either one-on-one, or team play mode, like dog fights, target practice, and heli vs. ground with the FORCE RC Ground Target. So let the battles begin...

  • Tuned controls to provide plenty of responsiveness for aggressive ABM (Air Battle Maneuvering) without making them too sensitive.
  • VDAS (Visual Damage Assessment System) gives a sequence of visible damage signals before the last hit finally results in a slow spiraling descent to the ground. In no time, the heli resets itself and is off for more action.
  • Optional SimpliFly™ control mode reduces pilot workload to left/right, forward/back, up/down and guns
Check them out here!