Friday, September 17, 2010

Modelflight visits Clovelly Park Primary School

Jamie Nancarrow and Brian Locket from Modelflight attended Clovelly Park Primary School today to give some very enthusiastic young faces from class G5 a better understanding on the basic theories and history of flight. So far, the class has been learning about different styles of flying machines and had even built kites the previous week to fly. Sam Kennedy, G5's teacher, managed to control the in-class enthusiasm long enough for the students to learn about Lift, Thrust, Drag and Gravity, and get some hands on experience with the E-Flite Habu Jet, Parkzone Bf-109 and ParkZone Radian

After the inside session students were taken to the school oval to see the Radian in action under Brian’s expert control (including some unfriendly magpies for laughs). After fielding many, many questions relating to the class assignment, Jamie and Brian then demonstrated how the new Force Helicopters flew, battled, and won. Model Flight would like to thank the students from Clovelly Park Primary School, and teacher Sam Kennedy, for organising a very informative, and hopefully beneficial session for the students. 

We hope to see many of these smiling faces enjoying flying in the future!

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