Thursday, September 16, 2010

DX7 Model Match Bulletin

DX7 Model Match Bulletin: Model 11‐20 Software Update

Recently, the Horizon Hobby Service Department discovered a software issue in DX7 transmitters with HA002J, HR003J, HR004J, HR005J, HR006J, HR007J, HR008J or HR009J Product IDs (PIDs) and FCC ID: BRWDAMTX11.

The issue Service Center discovered, affects ModelMatch for models 11–20 when binding and saving new models into memory.  Horizon Hobby and authorised distributors have a software update to correct this issue. This software update can only be performed by Spektrum Service Department authorized Technicians.

If your DX7 has one of the following PIDs: HR003J, HR004J, HR005J, HR006J, HR007J, HR008J or HR009J and FCC ID BRWDAMTX11:
  • Click here to complete the Spektrum DX7 Return Request form.
  • You may also e‐mail the Modelflight Product Support team. Please type “DX7 Return Request Form” in the subject line.
  • Please include your shipping address, daytime phone number, and the date code from your Spektrum DX7 transmitter. Click here to e‐mail product support.
  • OMP/Spektrum will pay for return shipping on Australian Purchased DX7 units once the ‘Return Request form’ is submitted. This will be arranged via OMP’s courier service, and alternatively can be organised via the Modelflight Shop/MailOrder line.
  • As with all RC aircraft, please check your transmitter and equipment prior to each flight.

On behalf of Horizon Hobby, Modelflight and the Spektrum team apologize for this inconvenience.

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Phone: +618 8186 4250

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