Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reminder: 1hr max charge time for Losi 1/24 Batteries

Battery and Charging Guidelines and Warnings - Losi 1/24

Failure to exercise caution while using this product and comply with the following warnings could result in  product malfunction, electrical issues, excessive heat, FIRE, and ultimately injury and property damage.
  • Read all safety precautions and literature prior to use of this product
  • Never leave the battery and charger unattended during use
  • Never allow minors to charge battery packs without adult supervision
  • Never drop charger or batteries
  • Never attempt to charge dead or damaged batteries
  • Never charge a battery if the cable has been pinched or shorted
  • Never allow batteries or charger to come into contact with moisture at any time
  • Never charge batteries in extremely hot or cold places (recommended between 50–80 degrees Fahrenheit) or place in direct sunlight
  • Always use only NiMH rechargeable batteries. This charger cannot charge batteries such as “heavy duty,” “alkaline battery,” or “mercury battery”
  • Always connect the positive red lead (+) and negative black lead (-) terminals of the battery to the charge terminals correctly
  • Always disconnect the battery and charger after charging and let them cool between charges
  • Always inspect the battery before charging
  • Always terminate all processes and contact Modelflight if the product malfunctions
  • Always make sure you know the specifications of the battery to be charged or discharged to ensure it meets the requirements of this charger
  • Always constantly monitor the temperature of the battery pack while charging
  • Always end the charging process if the charger or battery becomes hot to the touch or starts to change form during the charge process
Tim Gaukroger, one of our top Losi Drivers, took these cars home for a test drive and here are his thoughts:
"Losi’s new 1/24 Rally and SCT – what can I say, what a blast! Having been a fan of the Micro T’s, DT’s etc in the past, I knew Losi’s new 1/24th vehicles would be a winner. More powerful, refined looks, 4 wheel drive, increased runtime and better durability only meant one thing – more fun! Charge time is less than an hour and very convenient because of the supplied 240v wall adaptor. Be careful not to charge for more than an hour as you can overcharge the battery."

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