Thursday, September 23, 2010

Radian Pro by Parkzone announced today!

JUST ANNOUNCED!  The Parkzone Radian Pro!  Visit for more information

The ParkZone Radian Pro is a perfect follow-on to the successful ParkZone Radian and a long awaited addition to ParkZone's sailplane category. Designed with the experienced sailplane pilot in mind, the Radian Pro comes equipped with 5-channels out of the box, including ailerons for a more precise soaring experience and flaps for more glide path control.

Compared to the original Radian's easy, stress-free Sunday flying, the Radian pro provides a more concentrated flight experience and increased capability, allowing the pilot full roll control, spot landing and precision. The versatility and maneuverability of this plane complete with throttle, rudder, aileron, elevator and flaps allow for the flight performance that you might expect from the traditional competition sailplane without the hassles of having to build one. The Radian Pro's more rigid tail allows for increased maneuverability and precise control, and the new locking retention for the wing provides additional security for more aggressive flying.

Whether you're a current Radian flyer looking for increased performance capabilities or an experienced sailplane pilot looking for something to just fly, the Radian Pro is the answer. Available in both Bind-N-Fly and Plug-N-Play completion levels, this plane can be ready to fly in as little time as takes to charge the battery.

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