Friday, September 3, 2010

Let the Battle Begin with FORCE RC

Horizon Hobby have just announced a new revolutionary brand and line of products to the market....FORCE RC!

FORCE RC unleashes these ultra-lightweight, combat-ready helis, perfect for out-maneuvering opponents in tight quarters. The FHX and MH-35 have self-stabilizing characteristics and a mil-spec gyro stabilization system that make combat flying a breeze. Using our built-in battle module to send and receive range adjustable, infrared signals, your customers can shoot down their opponents while in flight. Game play, using a newly designed 5-channel custom transmitter, will focus on the themes in either one-on-one, or team play mode, like dog fights, target practice, and heli vs. ground with the FORCE RC Ground Target. So let the battles begin...

  • Tuned controls to provide plenty of responsiveness for aggressive ABM (Air Battle Maneuvering) without making them too sensitive.
  • VDAS (Visual Damage Assessment System) gives a sequence of visible damage signals before the last hit finally results in a slow spiraling descent to the ground. In no time, the heli resets itself and is off for more action.
  • Optional SimpliFly™ control mode reduces pilot workload to left/right, forward/back, up/down and guns
Check them out here!

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