Thursday, November 25, 2010

With 'The Phoenix' at ETSA in November

Whilst we were down in numbers at ETSA this month, we were most certainly up in enthusiasm and enjoyment. Fewer numbers always mean a little more flying space for attendees and with this the case, there was fun a-plenty on this third Thursday in November.

Brenton had arranged a wee static display for us as we entered the arena in the form of a very colourful E-flite Yak 54 and one of the most popular and formidable aircraft of World War Two, the American P47 Thunderbolt from ParkZone.

When one is as busy as the Managing Director of Modelflight and O’Reilly Model Products, Michael O’Reilly, one must eat when the opportunity arises and we saw Mike tucking into a box of KFC, and apparently enjoying it too. I hope he didn’t find any raw prawns within the pack – they might have left a nasty taste in his mouth. The lads and lasses were involved in a rather raucous game of Korfball and this meant that, as on rare occasions, we didn’t get to use the main area until nine o’clock, but we soon found Dave Whitten in a familiar pose.

Tim and his lovely wife, Amy were joined by Ian as spectators, although Ian did manage to find sufficient flying time with his ParkZone Ultra Micro J-3 Cub throughout the evening. I must correct a statement that I made in credit to Tim in last month’s story – I did say that he was able to retrieve packages from the top shelf at the wharehouse (gosh if I changed the third letter there, we would have a house of wide popularity, though small) the really, really topmost shelf is very high and I have been informed that in that case he has been known to utilize a copy of yellow pages. Tut! Tut!

Modelflight’s Goodwood Road Shop Manager, Brad Merryweather managed a leave pass from Nicole and family, to share a little relaxation with us and he is seen here in a perfectly relaxed mood with Tim and Dave. It was almost a total M/F night as there were very few of us who were not blessed with ‘staffdom’ of the well known model fraternity so it is great that they can find time to let off steam with a few “ordinary” people.

One of the non staffers is Vin Pike (lately known as “Viney”) standing on the right of Brenton and Matthew (below) and the three are proudly displaying one of the latest models to hit the counter in the form of “The Beast.” This is another delightful little E-Flight model from Horizon Hobbies and they describe it as an Ultra Micro Flyer and it proved to be just that in the hands of the three test pilots. One can bind it to any DSM2 transmitter and its high performance comes from a brushless motor that is pushed along by a 2S Li-po battery with the battery and charger coming as part of the package. An attractive little aircraft for which one could be excused for believing it to be a Pitts Special in different livery.

Gosh, your friendly Phoenix has gone all “family” in this episode for my final pix shows Tim and Amy about to leave the ETSA Park Netball Stadium where we gather on the third Thursday of each month – yes December included – and we fly from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. for the miserly cost of just ten dollars.

Come fly with me!

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