Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Losi Mini Sprint Review

When I got started in this hobby it was on a dirt oval track. Before I got into RC, sure, I knew of dirt ovals (The now defunct Hales Corners Speedway was a popular full-sized track in my area) but I didn’t get into dirt oval because I was a "dirt oval fan". I got into dirt oval because that was what was offered locally. I’ll say that I am glad that track was there as it helped foster my love and appreciation for the class. I had been racing for about 2 years when the track moved to a new location and made a change from dirt to carpet. I was disappointed but hoped that the cyclical nature of our industry would bring dirt oval back again.

My hopes have been realized in recent years as dirt oval is back again and going better than ever. Much of the reason why dirt oval has returned as strongly as it has is thanks to the guys over at the Losi skunkwerks offices. Behind the efforts of Gary Kyes we’ve seen vehicles such as the Mini-Slider, the 1/10-scale Slider, Mini-Late Model and of course the L8IGHT Model. But now they’re back again with their first follow-up dirt oval vehicle in the Losi Mini Sprint. Designed to take mini open wheel cars to the next level there are a lot of fun and interesting developments on this new chassis. From the transverse motor placement, new shocks, redesigned body and awesome battery mounting system, the Mini Sprint is really a great evolution of this platform. It only seemed right that I took the car with me on a recent trip to where it all began for me, S&N’s Trackside Hobbies, as they have recently returned to their roots by adding a super-high bite dirt oval to their facility.

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