Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ETSA Park on a Cold July Night

The afore-mentioned unpredictable crowd of my Indoor friends at the ETSA Park Netball Stadium came out in quite pleasing numbers for our indoor flying. One of the highlights was the introduction of a prototype for a new Blade helicopter that will hit our shores in early August. More on that model will appear at a later date.

My first picture is of a very proud father in that of one of our ex-flyers, Daly May. Lots of exes for Daly. An ex staff member of ModelFlight – an ex very keen and talented model flyer and builder and an ex regular indoor participant. As the photo shows, he has changed from a model builder to a baby builder, and what a darling little bud of May she is too. Daly makes occasional visits to the stadium and it was pleasing to see he and his wife on this coldish night.

Andy Hollitt can always be relied upon for something new and exciting emanating from his workshop and tonight was no exception. He showed the Phoenix his latest foamie and called it a Pylon Racer?? This was later demonstrated when he lined up two foam pylons down one end (Court 2) and proceeded to entertain he and others with his foam pylon racing. Well done Andy – I wonder if your Melbourne mates do that?

Brenton Wildman is seen in the next picture with his lovely, and talented, (rarely do the two go together – ouch!) daughter, Alanah. Now there may even be another ‘a’ in her name – if so I apologise. Alanah entertained herself by not being more than a metre away from dad throughout the night, which was all lovey-dovey until one later realized that she was totally involved in her dad’s flying. Before the night was over, Alanah was solo-ing a Cub with enormous bundles of dexterity. Her progress excited and interested me so much that I could not resist another picture, on her own, in a happy pose.

During the evening we had 17 paying customers which means that the SSL (Southern Soaring League) would benefit, yet again, from the surplus after rent paying. A handy little income for the club that, it is only on rare occasions any of their members partake in the indoor movement.

Even though the aerobatic heli group are no longer permitted to fly at indoor, we are welcoming a few older members back, who say they are all in favour of that move and that they can concentrate on their models much more intensely. I hope that it means the return of any others who were of a similar mind. There is a wonderful air of contentment and comradeship among the indoor movement and, even occasionally the mid-air does occur, there is never any bitterness or arguments present. A wonderful group of people with whom it is a total pleasure to fly, or even to fraternize.

Our leader, and benefactor, Michael O’Reilly’s absence was noted by many on the night and all, who were aware of Mike’s second knee reconstruction operation, joined me in wishing him a full and rapid recovery. Mike is always a willing helper to any who may require assistance or advice and his return will be welcomed by all. The latest report on his progress is that he is, on occasions, already dragging the heavily bandaged leg up the stairs to his office at OMP and will very shortly be in attendance for visitors. Good luck Michael. The 19th August is our next appointment when we will once again welcome, not only competitors, who spend ten dollars on the nights entertainment or, if you just wish to come and watch, IT IS FREE. Don’t forget, watch the model shop shelves for the arrival of the Blade 120SR – a most exciting addition to your model heli fleet.

The Phoenix.

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