Monday, July 19, 2010

New Blade fronts a welcome at ETSA Park

Your friendly Phoenix was one of many who welcomed a prototype of a new and exciting Helicopter at ETSA PARK last month. Some of the Model Flight Staffers joined Chief New-model Test Pilot, Matthew Waye in demonstrating this exciting machine, of which, so far is the only one of its kind in Adelaide.

With a scheduled arrival (on the counter) of the Blade 120SR, of early August it could well be a larger success story than the well known Venom Night Ranger which, as you recall, monopolised the indoor flying scene for quite some time. It is a single rotor, fixed pitch, 100% factory assembled helicopter that, once you arrive at your flying site, will quickly have you in the air.

One of Modelflight’s highly technical staff members, Brenton Wildman arrived with “The Box” and quickly snuck in a first flight before Todd pressured him to ‘hand it over.”

The first picture shows the pleasure on Todd’s face as he displayed the “120.” It is a delightful looking model, much larger and more powerful than its little brother, the Blade mSR. The battery pack is a little over twice the size of the MSR pack and, at 500mAH, almost three times the capacity.

One can appreciate its most attractive lines as Todd hovers it just above the highly polished floor of the ETSA Park Netball Stadium, the venue for its debut flight.

The head, shown here, is the “Smarty Pants” of this helicopter that produces such a docile, easy-to-fly performance and one, that I am sure, is going to make it a top seller. It is a totally complete, ready-to-fly model, presenting itself with a very neat charger than can be operated from batteries or, in the instant shown, from the AC Mains Power. Follow the Phoenix Indoor stories that will keep you up to date on the expected popularity of this magnificent machine which will appear on the Goodwood Road shelves in two configurations – coming in either the very popular “Bind-n-Fly” kit, or complete with transmitter etc. making it literally flyable straight from the box. Just charge and fly.

At less than $260.00, I could give you 260 reasons why you should.

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