Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Change the DX3R PRO's Wheel Position

The DX3R PRO is a terrific radio that continues Spektrum's evolutionary process. With top-tier features such as ABS, Servo Speed, a backlit display and integrated telemetry, the DX3R PRO is a fantastic radio. Many drivers have started using the DX3R PRO after running its predecessor, the DX3R. One of the major differences between the DX3R and the DX3R PRO is the wheel positioning as the DX3R PRO features a drop-down wheel position that significantly changes the wheel's position in relation to the rest of the radio. If you've found yourself longing for the original DX3R's wheel position, or just want to try something different, you're in luck as you can easily re-create the original DX3R feel with the PRO.

Everything you will need to make this conversion is conveniently included for you right in the box with the DX3R PRO. From a new adaptor plate to new screws, it's all here. The only tool you'll need is a 3/32" Allen Wrench and a clean place to work. In all, the conversion should take less than 10-minutes to complete from start to finish, and, if you find you prefer the drop-down wheel position, is easy enough to undo. You can also reverse the steps listed in the video if you'd like to add Spektrum's drop-down wheel conversion to your original DX3R.

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