Saturday, May 28, 2011

Losi 1/10-scale Short Course Buggy Preview

In the 1/10-scale off-road world Short Course Trucks have changed the landscape. SCT’s look like their full-scale counterparts, they’re fun and they are less hooked up than their stadium truck counterparts, bringing driving back into the equation. Losi has taken what they have learned in the world of short course trucks, sprinkled in some 1/10-scale buggy tech, and mixed in some full-scale buggy styling for their latest vehicle. It’s not hyperbole to state that this new vehicle could completely reshape the landscape of 1/10-scale buggies just as short course trucks have changed the shape of 1/10-scale trucks. I’m of course talking about the Losi 1/10-scale XXX-SCB.

The SCB, or Short Course Buggy, carries over quite a bit of SCT tech, however, just calling it a short course truck with a different body ignores many of the details that have gone into this car. The XXX-SCB features an all-new, super-narrow chassis that, when combined with its body, eliminates the parachuting effect that can plague short course trucks. The XXX-SCB also features a narrow front shock tower, designed to fit under the body. Speaking of the body the XXX-SCB will be available in three different trim schemes, ReadyLift, Rockstar and Stronghold. Check out our video below to see what makes this one of the coolest vehicles we’ve had our hands on in a long time.

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