Friday, June 17, 2011

ParkZone Ultra Micro Corsair Review

It was an icon of U.S. military might during WWII – a weapon so devastating its foes referred to it as “Whistling Death”. Now the F4U Corsair is making a name for itself as the latest ParkZone Ultra Micro Series scale warbird that you can fly just about anywhere.

We meet with Seth Arnold, the Product Developer on the Corsair to see what has come to life in this new Ultra Micro model. Scale details include a three bladed propeller, authentic paint scheme, molded clear plastic canopy, landing gear with steerable tail wheel, and even two sets of decals. The 4-channel control with elevator, throttle, rudder and aileron provide full control for precise flying and maneuverability. So take a look and get ready to order yours today.

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