Monday, August 8, 2011

ETSA Park on a Cold July Night

Chuck Thrillseeker & Mike O'R
A warm touch to a very chilly evening at the stadium this month was in the personality of a “new face” at ETSA Park. The very friendly Chuck T. Seeker, a video camera operator , imported by Michael J. O’Reilly and Chuck displayed his brilliance in shooting some “stuff” on the indoor action. This is not the simplest of filming tasks, with ultra small models and very enthusiastic speeds, but he was able to keep most of the action within the perimeters of his view-finder. Well done!

The Pole Cat
One of the models that were featured by Chuck was the latest in the micro-models that only, that day, left the shelves of Model Flight’s Goodwood Road Store, was the “Polecat,” seen here.  It joins its other family members – the Sukhoi, and the Mustang, which are part of the squadron of numerous micro aircraft that are all the rage of the indoor movement these days.

Jamie Nancarrow
This photo worried me a little in that I was curious – was Jamie praying for some devine intervention with his video production, or looking for assistance when making excuses for his late arrival home to one of Australia’s latest mothers, to be??

Merryweathers in Portrait
In the next picture, the Phoenix presents a little portrait image of the Merryweather family, Brad, Nicole and Emily. Tim and Brad’s young ladies must have travelled many Klicks throughout the night and no doubt, all parents would have enjoyed an undisturbed night of sleep from two little very tired girls.

Entourage de la Brenton
In the absence of Michael and his many Parkzone boxes on this evening, It was difficult not to notice the “entourage’ de la Brenton for, as you can see, he totes an enormous amount of luggage – even taking us back a few years with the delightful yellow Jenny.  Mike Schneider (where is your long lost brother, Jergen?) would no doubt have been discussing the good old days with long time modeler, Eric Astill whom, I am sure will just HAVE to show up one night with a model. You cannot return to this venue very often without getting the bug again Eric and, when that happens, you will be welcomed as you always were.

Long-Time fliers Mike & Eric
Vin appears to be winning in the battle for “The Return Of The Candyman!” Two appearances this year already and ‘tis only August. My final picture this month is of the father, George (one of the few SSL members to regularly fly at ETSA Park) and the son, Daniel, with neither rarely missing a monthly flyin. You too, can join us for we fly on the third Thursday of each month, from 8.30 to 10-30p.m. and you only pay $10 for the priveledge IF you fly – come and enjoy the entertainment, as a spectator, for free.

Father and Son
There is one exception to that last sentence and here it is… In September, we are flying on the last Thursday – the 29th and at the usual times. That month is special for we are part of the “Bay To Birdwood” motoring festivities with a title of “Indoor Flying On Parade.”

Already, Nationally leading helicopter expert, Hamish Scott, has agreed to demonstrate his ability – the ability that has carried him to the outstanding title of “one of the best in Australia.” Hamish, I hope, will be joined by Model Flight’s new-model test pilot, Matthew Waye, himself one of the leading fixed wing and helicopter pilots in the country and these two gentlemen on their own will be well worthy of your viewing. The Manageress of the ETSA Park Stadium, Nadine Hewson is opening the bar for this occasion and a large number of fliers and spectators should make it one of our biggest nights so far.

Please keep that in mind – in September, a change of date means we fly on the last Thursday night – not our usual third. See you then in all your glory. 

Your friendly Phoenix.

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