Monday, August 22, 2011

Its still cold at ETSA Park in August but.... WHAT A CROWD!

When I arrived at ETSA Park for tonight’s indoor flying entertainment, the Duty Manager told me that we would be flying on Court One. This was good news as it became a rehearsal for our “big night” in September. As we are a part of The Bay To Birdwood motoring event’s Cruising Classic Programme we are staging what has been officially billed as “Night Fliers On Parade” and, to fit in with the Birdwood organizers, we had to change our September night to the last Thursday night, the 29th rather than the usual third Thursday. With both of our leading aerobatic helicopter pilots, namely Hamish Scott and Matthew Waye appearing on that night, we are hoping for a bumper harvest of supporting pilots and their models to boost our programme so that we can entertain, what we hope will be, a large gathering of spectators.

To lift the entertainment value even higher, we would also like to see four-wheel-drive vehicles (the slippery floor is not kind to two-wheel force) and the Whiteline Road Train will perform, together with its fascinating electronic sound system. As the Duty Manager, due to work pressure, had forgotten all about us, we were so well behaved of course, we found ourselves with all four courts with full lighting all night and this quite successfully hid the fact that we had one of our two best flying numbers (24 in all) not only actively engaged, but, actively engaged over a large flying area which added to the overall safety. As a result of the extra space, I do not recall a single mid-air all night.

I have included only one picture in this month’s story and that is of Model Flight Staffer, Brenton, with the very latest to come from the Parkzone stable, the delightful looking UM F27Q Stryker 180 – a long, long title for such a baby? At the RRP of $179.99 from Model Flight’s Goodwood Road store it shows the way to flying one of the slickest aircraft in the micro group that have become so popular of late. It was a little disappointing in that, having spent some time in marrying the new model to his Transmitter, he was to discover that he needed more time than was available to set up this little aircraft and with a slight fault in the rudder mechanism, Brenton did not want to just give a part display in which he may have not been in full control or at full speed.

The good news in this portion of my epistle is that we will NOW see the Stryker make its debut when the night fliers are on parade. Don’t miss it. I shall leave it up to the discretion of our Web-Mistress or Master to insert my picture of Brenton just wherever he/she sees fit. In closing this month’s rather brief interlude, please stay with me as I remind you all that for us, it is Thursday as usual – the only exception is that our September flying night will be on the 29th and that all fees remain unchanged. Here’s a wee secret … the motoring people who are going to fill the galleries will be paying $5 – the small fee going to a charity of the Birdwood people’s choice, whereas our usual spectators will visit for free. I wish you all happy and exotic flying.

The Phoenix

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