Sunday, July 17, 2011

ParkZone P-47D Retract Installation How To

ParkZone has brought The Jug to life with this great flying scale recreation that comes out of the box with details like a simulated radial engine, molded panel lines and a realistic 404th Fighter Group paint scheme. It’s even set up to let you easily add the option of functional flaps and retractable landing gear. And you can bet it flies every bit as good as it looks. The 15-size brushless motor and E-flite 30A Pro brushless ESC that are installed for you will provide more than enough power for high-speed strafing runs and sport aerobatics.

The first ParkZone warbird to have the option of retracts is here. We show you what it takes to make that gear go up and down with the addition of the E-flite electric retracts. From the necessary parts and tools, we take you step by step through the installation process. Now you too can pull the gear into the wheel wells immediately after takeoff. Flying that next sortie with the gear in the up position always gives the full effect, and we show you how. Stop in and take a look!

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