Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Parkzone RAF SE5a - The Maiden

Thanks again to Chuck "Thrillseeker" for this video of his maiden flight of the brand new Parkzone SE5a WW1 RC Plane! It looks great and here's what he thought....

"Here's the video of the maiden of the SE-5a and may i just say WOW! What a great flyer this plane is, Corinne took all the footage used in this video I just edited it and I can say there is some great footage in it, some of the shots you would think your at an air show watching a WW1 plane fly by. It lands and takes off easy, yes after a couple of batteries i would have to say IMHO this is the easiest of all the big Parkzone planes to fly, thank you so much for mine! Enjoy the maiden video"

He has also sent us these great pics:

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